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Specialty Signs & Accessories
  • Creative Solutions & Innovative Products
  • Attention to Details
  • Quality, Machine Made Signage
  • Professional Customer Service
  • Quick Lead Times
  • Good Value - Weather Resistant Product

2-D Corrugated Plastic Signage

Condensed Plastic Phrases & Company Name

Signboard and Letter Sets

AirPals™ Inflates

3-D Hard Plastic Lawn Ornaments

Note: We are distributors of the plastic lawn ornaments and can
order inventory for prospective businesses wanting to
add these items to their business offerings


2-D Corrugated Plastic Signage:
  • Superior storage - requires less space
  • Weather proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight- carry a big stack at one time
  • Attention getting
  • Made in USA - machine made

In Stock Colors Arrive At Your Door In Two Weeks! WOW!

Click here for a product list

Please note, prices are subject to change.

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Condensed Plastic Phrases and Company Name
    • Let us help you save time
    • Maximize space on message boards
    • Have more space for creative messages
    • Get the sale with a winning message

We can help you maximize the space on your message board by creating condensed phrases that you easily slide into place. A HUGE TIME SAVER!!!

Our condensed letter phrases are made of the same material as the single letters used in letter sets. They are not brittle like plexi glass but pliable and durable for repeated use.

You'll love the convenience of sliding in frequently used phrases! We can make your company name and phone number look great, too!
We can also match the size requirements of your sign boards.

Condensed Letter Phrasing
5" high x 24" wide . . . . . . call for pricing (Minimum order of 3)

Other sizes available - email your dimensions for a quote.

Company Name and Phone Number:
Black lettering on Clear
5" high x 24" wide . . . . . . call for pricing (colors extra)

Please measure carefully for phrase size - sorry, no refunds for custom work.

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Sign Boards and Letter Sets
  • 45' high x 25" wide folding sandwich style sign board.
  • 6 lines available, on both sides.
  • Plastic construction
  • Can be filled with water or sand for heavier weight - if needed.
  • Cleans up well with household cleaner- no maintenance painting needed.
  • Includes a set of 250 - 4" block letters
Available in white, yellow or orange.
Call for Pricing.
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3D Hard Plastic Lawn Ornaments

(we distribute for other companies)
Colors Available
Bones in package white
17 h x 4 w
Bones prepped with rod white
21 h x 4 w
Lge Swirl Ice Cream Cones white, pink, brown
28 h x 12 w
Sm Swirl Ice Cream Cones white, pink, brown
11 h x 5 w
Ducks yellow
11.5 h x 16 w
Movie Cameras black
9 h x 10 w
Flamingo - Bulk pink - two poses neck down
17.5 w x 7.5 h
Flamingo - Bulk pink - neck arching up body
14.5 h x 14.5 w
Cow white with black
25 x 18 x 7
Goose white with yellow bill
21 x 23 x 9
Pig flesh
20 x 12.5 x 5
Rooster brown with red, yellow
14 x 19 x 7

Other lawn ornaments available- inquire

Signboards, letters, and other accessories available.

Prices subject to change.

Contact us for current & complete wholesale price list!

Information believed to be accurate, contact us if you've found an error.


Welcome To The New Age Of Lawn Ornaments With AirPals™! Add some extra color and shapes to your lawn displays. In Stock Inventory Delivered To Your Door In 2 Weeks!

  • Nicely Sized
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy To Clean
  • Require Less Storage Space When Deflated Than The Hard Plastic
    3D Lawn Ornaments Initially Used
  • Offer More Color Variety Than Corrugated Plastic Signage
  • Don't Need To Be Re-Painted Like Wooden Signs
  • Flexible Uses: Can Be Used As Lawn Signs Or Sold As A Party Favor
  • Young And Old Have Many Laughs When Family, Friends And AirPals™ Are Combined!
  • Available For Purchase in sets of 10 minimum

when inflated

when inflated
Astronauts 23 13
Butterflies 18 21
Cars 9 25
Cell Phones 35 10
Dalmations 14 21
Dinosaurs 20 23
Elephants 20 18
Frogs 8-1/2 17-1/2
Guitars 40 10
Hands 14-1/2 10
Howdy Kitties 17 12
Lipsticks 43-1/2 9
Monkeys 26 15
Palm Trees 28 15
Pink Poodles 27 23
Princess Crowns 14 13
Sunshine 21 21
Tropical Fish 17 24
Turtles 9-1/2 20

Contact us for current AirPals™ specials.

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We also have trinkets and accessories that can be personalized at our Party Store. Be sure to check out the popular glowing and blinking products. Make your clients feel special with a surprise gift!

Prices are subject to change.

Contact us for a current and complete wholesale price list.

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