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Frequently Asked Questions
About Our Lawn Sign Service


How many lawn ornaments come with a delivery?
Can I purchase more inventory items?
Delivery times
How long will the lawn greeting stay at my special someone's location?
Can I have the delivery remain longer than 6:00 PM?
Forms of payment
How much notice is needed to book and deliver a yard sign display?
Can we rent the yard art display for an extra day?
Can we mix inventory items?
Can we move the inventory around in the yard?
Business Hours
What comes with the Yard Art delivery?

FAQ: Star Signs To Go

What is the delivery time frame of the party packages by Star Signs To Go?
Can we purchase the signs in larger quantities than the amount listed in the package descriptions?
Can I purchase the AirPals for party favors?
Shipping & Handling Costs
What banners are available with the party packages?

How Many Lawn Ornaments Come With A Delivery?

Our service typically delivers 30 inventory items which surround a fun message board. (For an entire yard of flamingos, we have an exception, we offer 40 fellas.) Additionally, we provide an extra two stars and two movie cameras on either side of the message board to help promote our "Star For The Day" theme. This will bring the delivery amount to at least 34 items plus the 48" x 25" message board.

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Can I Purchase More Inventory Items?

Absolutely! Our regular delivery package is a nice showing for a typical Atlanta suburban home with a half acre plot or smaller. Consider the scale of the recipient's yard to maximize attention. If the recipient has a large property or we'll need to weave around copious landscaping, we encourage you to purchase more items to meet the yard's scale. Some folks like to match the number of inventory items with a specific milestone birthday and we can do that too! You may purchase extra sets of 10 items for an additional $20 per each set.

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Our pricing is determined by the mileage we travel from our shop. Contact us and we can offer you an accurate quote for delivery to the recipient's location. Once you decide which props you'd like for us to deliver, you can count on us to Bring On the Show!

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Delivery Times:

Residential deliveries, in general, occur between 10:00 pm and 6:00 am. "Show Time" is at 6:00 am and the delivery should be in place so the recipient is surprised when they leave for the day! For commercial deliveries, call or email our office to make arrangements. Daytime deliveries can be made with sufficient notice (allowing time to properly audition the supporting actors.)

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How Long Will The Lawn Greeting Stay At My Special Someone's Location?

The yard art will remain for a daylight showing at your Star's location and then we'll return to retrieve the rental in the evening. Curtain Call is around dusk (during Autumn & Winter) or 6:00 pm. Depending on the schedule and the Atlanta Metro traffic the yard display may have a longer "Encore" until our staff is able to retrieve the Co-Stars. We appreciate your help in keeping the area illuminated in the evening until a "Transportation Director " arrives to wisk the supporting actors away from the performance. It is our preference to have the inventory items retrieved before darkness sets in to minimize theft. This keeps our prices from rising and allows others to treat the Stars in their life.

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Can I Have The Delivery Remain Longer Than 6:00 pmPM?

Yes, with prior notice, you may have the display longer for an additional "Encore" fee of $20.00. If there will be a party at the residence, let us know. We try to do our best in delaying the "Curtain Call" at party locations so they're last on the schedule. However, if the show must go on for a certain time period - especially after darkness sets in - a fee will be applied to guarantee an Encore (late pick-up time).

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Forms of Payment:

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express as forms of payment for our busy clients. We also will accept a check in the mail provided enough time is available to receive it prior to delivery date. Your yard ornament selection will be reserved the moment we receive payment.

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How Much Notice Is Needed To Book & Deliver A Yard Sign Display?

Of course, we like to know as early as possible. We keep our service organized so that we can handle last minute performances (orders). We prefer to have the booking made prior to noon the day before you'd like the delivery to occur. With more notice, you'll have a better selection available. Perhaps you'll find a nifty item from our Party Store that could be shipped and delivered in time for the recipient's celebration. Ideally, 2 weeks ahead would offer more options, but we handle next day deliveries frequently!

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Can We Rent The Yard Art Display For An Extra Day?

Yes, it is possible to rent the display for another day - at the time of purchase. For more than one day deliveries, a rental contract will be needed at the time of purchase. You will assume the same responsibility similar with other rental equipment contracts.

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Can We Mix Inventory Items?

Yes, we encourage it! We have the largest selection of inventory items available in Metro Atlanta. Chose from our all-weather selections whether it be some of our cute AirPals,™ 3D plastic Co-Stars, or our unique signage. We think mixing in variety is more aesthetically pleasing. It is often more attention getting by adding more colors and shapes! Have FUN selecting your surprise! The price remains the same as long as you keep the base quantity amount. Work with the reservation specialist to create a fabulous (no calories) gift!

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Can We Move The Inventory Around In The Yard?

We appreciate your help in the longevity of our inventory! Please enjoy the yard rental visually and do not physically handle the lawn ornaments. We are honored if you want to have photo memories with your Star and our Co-Stars. The Co-Star's yearn to keep young looking and hope to be called upon at the next audition! Parents, please supervise children closely. Many thanks for your Red Carpet Treatment!

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Business Hours

Due to the nature of our business, we have folks working through out the day and night. Our Lawn Greeting Service delivers 7 Days A Week Rain or Shine. Phone orders are typically taken Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Messages left on the phone service and email are checked frequently. Your inquiry will be returned as efficiently as possible.

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What comes with the Yard Art delivery?

Not only does the recipient receive the surprise rental in the yard but we leave behind a few goodies, too! Your Star will receive a card with a color photo of the yard ornaments you selected. We restate the message from on the message board so the recipient has a reminder of the fun gift you sent them. We are happy to include a personal message from you. To keep the "A Star For The Day" theme going, we include a star necklace and perhaps some other surprises. We enclose a funny little note explaining how the rental works and conclude with wishing them a great Star Day! We take the time to make the yard look extra special and pamper the recipient- which will make you look really good. If you appreciate superior service and attention to details, you'll want to select our company to deliver a yard surprise!

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FAQ Star Signs To Go Supplies

What is the delivery time frame of the party packages by Star Signs To Go?

After receiving your order and payment, our goal is to have your custom package delivered to your door in two weeks! That is an amazing turn around time for this specialty gift. It's Positively Fun Public Recognition when you SURPRISE a loved one.

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Can we purchase the signs in larger quantities than the amount listed in the package descriptions?

Yes. Our party packages are offered to "Create Some Hollywood In Your Town"! A delightful way to create a do-it-yourself yard surprise and as a bonus, you get to keep the signs when the party is over. A neat idea would be for the party guests to autograph a sign as a special keepsake for the "Star Of The Day!" Special orders may need additional time than the regular two week window we strive to meet. Notice will be given upon ordering. Call or email for pricing on additional quantities.

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If you are in the Yard Greeting Industry and want to add to your inventory offerings, contact our office by phone or email to make arrangements for your business. Our creative signs can help your company shine. Maximize the space on your message boards & save time with our condensed letter phrases. Go to Star Signs To Go Biz Supply for more details.

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Can I Purchase The AirPals For Party Favors?

The AirPals™ Inflatable Co-Stars make great party favors for guests of all ages. Whether you want to duplicate the yard art outside or just want to have some extra fun, you may purchase more AirPals™ without the installation accessories. Be the talk of the town by having the most unique accessories available for your party guests. Check out our Party Store for blinking & glowing favors that are a hit, too! Get paper products and other party supplies delivered to your door. No traffic to wait in or rallying for parking spaces!

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Shipping & Handling Costs:

There will be a reasonable charge added to the packages for shipping & handling. Whatever the actual costs are for your order will be added to the total. Georgia, USA deliveries will be charge the appropriate sales tax.

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What Banners Are Available With The Party Packages?

A prismatic multi colored "Happy Birthday" banner is included with the Party Packages. If you'd like to upgrade to a personalized banner, we can offer some choices. Our SIDESHOW BANNER has a celebration motif complete with balloons, slices of cake, party hats and lots of confetti.The predominant colors are red, blue, yellow and green. The 14" tall x 48" wide Sideshow Banner simply states: "Happy Birthday" and we can add a name up to 12 spaces long. Allow two weeks for regular delivery shipping. Express delivery is available. Our HOLLYWOOD BANNER goes all out!! You have a variety of sizes, backgrounds, colors and up to four lines available to say your message. You can easily duplicate a message we regularly use from our delivery service message boards. Allow two weeks for personalized banners to comfortably arrive at your door. Express delivery is available. Size range: Sparkle: 18" tall x 36" wide, Starlight: 24" tall x 48" wide and Spotlight: 36" tall x 72" wide - great for offices and the larger home. Please view Star Signs To Go Party Packages for more details.

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